Adam Gefkovics



Hey Brother! – Let’s dive right into it.  I want to focus on the pathways to getting your internal systems pumping again.  Most often these issues have been lingering for years without us being that aware.  “Youth is wasted on the young” because we blindly do shit to our bodies and unknowingly pay the price later.  What if we could listen to our future selves and do something about it while our cells have this abundance of metabolic energy reserves?  That would be where we are at right now.  You’re an entrepreneur.  Your brain is flying, firing off synaptic signals moment by moment.  You’re traveling a lot.  You’re also a child of a mother who has very severe symptoms of adrenal fatigue as stress dis-ease.  So the picture I am painting involves a more in depth look at how your chemistry operates.

I suspect that your adrenals are taxed, your body is in fight or flight, the nutrients are not being absorbed, and your microbiome is imbalanced.

First off, let’s get on it right now.  Let’s change the diet as protocol. 21 day elimination of inflammatory foods.  IgG sensitivities could be delayed 24 – 72 hours.  So a meal you had 3 days ago can cause inflammation now.  Hence why getting it out for 21 days is key.  Then after that rebuild a sustainable plan.   Sustainable plan would be 1 to 2 flex/cheat meals a week. – You’re at the right body weight and most importantly you feel the best you’ve ever felt.


Heavy metal toxins and minerals – Hair mineral Analysis

Stress + Mood and Metabolism (Vit D, Thyroid, Testosterone, Estrogen, Cortisol 24hr cycle)

These are the things that are able to identify the underlying issues.  But like I said we are going to start with the food shopping list, the elimination plan and 21 day protocol.  This is where no matter what we need to fix the gut microbiome.  The Tummy Polish Protocol is designed to clean the internal organs, detoxify the body, balance the microbiome and seal the gut.  When those things happen, your body will no longer be attacking itself causing the energy drop, the brain fog, the sleeplessness, the overall imbalance in feeling the necessary hormones for optimal ranges of health.

This is going to combine not only the microbiome cleaning properties but adding in adaptogenic herbs to give your body a chance against the stress that the modern world imposes on you.

Regardless if you test or not.  I would start with a correction of the microbiome because that is the front line for the outside world meeting your inside world.  Your health starts there.