SH Scientific’s Adaptogenic Global Resonance Formulation

The Sun Horse Energy Story:

Dan Moriarty decided to study herbs after being stung by a highly venomous scorpion in 1973 while in Jalisco, Mexico. Under the mentorship of his mother, a Hungarian herbalist, Dan mastered generations worth of herbal medicine formulations. Today, his company, Sun Horse Energy is known worldwide for their handcrafted organic herbal formulas and trademarked method to create the most powerful blends of Adaptogens.

Adaptogens have been used for centuries in ancient healing traditions due to their non-toxic and universally safe nature. They work at the cellular level to create a resistance to stress and balance the body’s systems.

  • How Dan got started in the world of herbs
  • What adaptogens are and why they’re relevant to anybody
  • What separates Sun Horse Energy’s adaptogens from other adaptogens out there: The Adaptogenic Global Resonance Formulation®
  • What the difference is of health “balance” vs “boosting
  • Plant medicine’s essential properties during a viral attack
  • Final Message: Let’s Get Real

Contrary to Common Belief:

“Boosting” your immune system to prepare for a threat is actually a way to imbalance yourself down the road. Instead, the goal is to get your cells to protect themselves without having your own immune system over react. The immune system’s overreaction + the body’s lack of cellular resiliency is where the fight against the virus can take a dive in the wrong direction. To avoid serious complications, the best solution is to prepare yourself by getting into a BALANCED state.

This Immunity Kit is an all natural, organic or wildcrafted combination of products designed to target the body’s most vulnerable areas to a viral attack and ensure balance amongst all systems to work together optimally.

Inside the Kit

A clinical strength formulation of “nature’s arsenal” for enhanced respiratory function. It is a natural decongestant promoting deeper, clearer breathing resulting in your body’s immune system functioning optimally.*

Cultivate your heart’s capabilities with a distinctive blend of adaptogenic herbs for enhanced cardiac muscle and blood vessel function. By making the cardiac muscles return to an elastic state, Cardio Tone prevents the heart walls from thickening and therefore overworking.*

Unleash your energy source with this formulation of 13 globally sourced adaptogens and superfoods. Ultimate Energy provides integrated systemic support and increased cellular integrity for greater physical endurance, increased focus and mental clarity, improved performance, quick recovery, and better sleep.*

About The Adaptogenic Global Resonance Formulation®


G.R. Formulas quantify the effect of each herb to produce a harmonious result in our bodies. Much like individual music notes combine to form chords, and chords can be played in sequence to create melodies which are in mathematical harmony with each other. Sun Horse’s globally sourced ingredients are carefully formulated to balance out the effects of each individual herb. The result is a medicinal herbal infusion that allows for a broad protection from stress and enhanced energetic potential for our body’s cells, with a powerful yet gentle, balanced, and harmonizing effect on cellular function.

I’m 67 years old and have had weak lungs my entire life due to Tuberculosis as a child. Most mornings I have mucus issues where I hack and cough for about 10-15 minutes. I’ve been taking Lung Support for 2 weeks now and noticed within the first 2 days that my mucus levels lessened by 80-90%. My allergies especially during this time of season have not been near my normal reactionary level in the past. Resulting in noticeably higher energy levels and cognition.

John C
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