Big News in the World of Trees

Big news in the world of trees! They’re starting to grow in the once frozen Artic tundra – and what does this have to do with our health? A whole hell of a lot of carbon and methane will be released as the permafrost melts. 

The State of Psychedelics

First off, I want to chime in on the state of psychedelics.  Who’s using them, what’s legal, and how you can broach this topic with family/friends who may not know much about it or are now terrified about Cordyceps taking over the world (if you

SH Scientific’s Adaptogenic Global Resonance Formulation

The Sun Horse Energy Story: Dan Moriarty decided to study herbs after being stung by a highly venomous scorpion in 1973 while in Jalisco, Mexico. Under the mentorship of his mother, a Hungarian herbalist, Dan mastered generations worth of herbal medicine formulations. Today, his company,