Shen Generation Cleanse


A 21-day full-body-reset with a targeted liver & gallbladder flush designed to make life-changing benefits. No choleric restrictions, only clean anti-inflammatory whole foods and a manageable lifestyle guide.

Improved Skin

Reduced Stress

Sharper Focus

Lower Inflammation

Boosted Energy

Balanced Hormones

Shen Generation Cleanse

A Message From Brian:

Are you aware that there are more than 85,000 man-made and very environmentally unfriendly chemicals that one can be exposed to daily?  Most of us will come into contact with over 1,200 of them before we leave the house.  The liver’s job is not just to filter what we had for holiday dinners and booze from the party last night.  The liver is your body’s “car air filter”, “oil filter”, “dropbox organizer”, “everybody’s friend” type of organ.  As our liver goes, so does our health.


Just stopping the behaviors that inundate our liver’s ability to detoxify isn’t enough to restore balance. Along with behavior changes we need to embrace the uncomfortable.  What that means: detoxifying enough to force change in our body but that does NOT mean suffering while doing so (starving, headaches, nausea, constant diarrhea, brain fog, etc.). Breaking the habits that hold our body hostage like poor sleeping habits, addictions to sugars/fatty foods, or simple carbohydrates.  We can alter those behaviors but we also must embrace a solution that forces the cells in our body to change. A proper detox is to plan, prepare, and commit. When we do those three things properly we avoid the nasty effects of traditional detoxification methods.  We safely remove what we want out of the body and more importantly we learn what it’s like to feel free of a ‘sludgy system’. 

How it Works


Days 1-11


Begin the process of naturally reducing stress and bloating in the body by taking out all usual suspects of inflammation with our 21-Day Reset Food Guide. Easily prepare delicious meals with our digital Reset Recipe Book so you can focus on things that matter most. 


Days 12-17

Once you’ve given your digestive system a break from having to break down difficult foods, begin the process of preparing your liver/gallbladder to purge old unwanted bacteria and sometimes, gallstones from the body. 


Days 17-18

The pinnacle part of your 21-Day Reset. Gently flush unwanted bacterial overgrowth and toxins that may have been stuck in the body for years. Experience the natural rebalancing of your appetite and boosted energy that you might not have felt since childhood. 


Days 19-21


What You'll Need

21-Day Reset Recipe Book

This 21-Day Reset includes 30+ delicious, easy-to-make, and nutritional recipes for every meal of the cleanse. Learn new go-to recipes that will encourage you to develop a new relationship with food. 

7-Day Liver Gallbladder Cleanse Items

+ Malic Acid (days 1-6)

+ Pure Epson Salt (days 6-7)

+ Organic Olive Oil (day 6 night)

+ Fresh Organic Grapefruits (day 6 night)

+ Bidet – highly recommended 😉

Recommended Products

Dr. Cabral Detox Kit

The 21-Day supply of essential nutrients you'll need to restore deficiencies and support your liver while safely removing toxins.

Fog cutter

Increase cognitive function to nourish creativity, clarity, and focus to keep those detoxing days productive and proactive.

Sun Protect

A clinical strength antioxidant used to support healthy liver function and reduce signs of stress and inflamm-aging on the skin.

Cell Protect

The gold key to longevity. This formula amplifies intracellular communication to help clear and defend the body against all unwanted cells.