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Picking up from the last session, I wanted to start from where your body is being inflamed, why is your body inflamed, and how can we stop your body from being inflamed.


I went through the Dutch report and saw only one thing of concern which was your blood lipid profile and your cholesterol being a little bit high. That and the DHEA adrenal issues were the main takeaways. We can address the latter after we go through the blood lipid and cholesterol issue. Right off the bat we can address both of those things (High Cholesterol and elevated blood lipids) with the Cardio Mojo.  It is a proteolytic, thrombolytic, elasticizer of the heart. Basically clears plaque, blood clots, sites where clots could form and makes your heart muscle more elastic. That would be a simple process and after 2 months a re-test of those markers would show much lower levels. Now there is also a blood sugar and insulin issue which suggests that your body isn’t doing the best job metabolizing sugar. This would be a really simple fix and day 6 to 12 week removal of processed foods, simple sugars and simple carbs. That would be enough to reset the insulin sensitivity.  We draw up help and a plan next time we see you.


Those are diet factors that are leading to the issue. You can really reverse a lot with that little extra help of them Cardio Mojo and most importantly adjusting the diet to reset and begin building conscious eating habits. I don’t like removing things without adding stuff but for the time being removing gluten also dairy and any form of foods that can upset the gut microbiome.  Upset not just because of a possible allergy but because regardless those foods are a lot on the digestive tract to handle. The plan for a diet would be the same for your glucose issue. Basically killing 2 birds 1 stone on this one.

Now we need to expedite the process with adding in what is missing in your body.  Only at the right time and when your body can best handle the change. This is why we talked about the Tummy Polish protocol to reset your microbiome.  Another key factor is to balance your urine and saliva pH, which will equate optimum mineralization uptake in the gut. Basically your body will get what it needs from the food that you put it in in a more efficient way than it is right now. This will immediately reflect into neurotransmitter balance and basic overall brain function.  Another more important thing is optimizing your sleep schedule and making sure that you are getting the proper rest. I alluded to this in Diana’s notes and I’ll say the same thing for you, doctor Matthew Walker: Why We Sleep would be a wonderful audiobook or book to pick up. Better sleep will restore the body which is designed to fix itself.  Only that repair can happen when all systems are aligned and in trust that proper rest will be given.  

The behaviors that throw you out of balance are what we would want to specifically tackle.  I told Diana starting your morning and ending your day with a balanced routine is clutch in this game of life.

I cannot stress this enough, begin your day feeding only what Craig’s body needs not what anybody else has in mind. That means going through the things that will help set your body up to be as healthy as possible before you pick up the phone, watch TV, and or look at any e-mails. That also means giving yourself and your brain the proper time it needs to unwind at night without looking at the phone, going to answer emails and stressing about a bunch of shit. Tip: The blue light filter glasses are an obvious rest on the eyes to prevent the body from thinking it’s daylight. All which will help restore a healthy or circadian rhythm. The behaviors of going to sleep and waking up at an optimal time should be adjusted over the course of a few  weeks to a few months. I’m not big in any drastic changes into somebody’s life. 


In terms of movement and release whatever you find financially do-able, I can work with you.  Because it is apparent that your body could use a little bit more work. Reversing the spinal curves and the gut inflammation would require more releases over the course of the next few weeks. Owning those behaviors that threw you out of balance takes time, and being able to adjust on the fly as new stuff appears is why I suggest at least 2 sessions over the next couple weeks. I’m asking you to do and change a lot. It would be best to provide the support to prevent a revert back to old patterns which is something that’s currently comfortable.  Comfortably uncomfortable is my aim here. Which is good. A catalyst provides necessary change. If you can fully trust the process and you do with the body needs on a basic level you will continue to build new patterns and teach that old dog new tricks. And then watch that old dog turn into a young dog and flip the paradigm of the aging clock.  


All this parlays into pushing what is possible and going another direction from what is typical and what is culturally expected.  


Great to see you again Criag.  A lot of the work has evolved since you last came in, right?


The big takeaways for you are working and unwinding the overly right and twisted patterns through the spice.  Between the hips, going up the low back and through to the neck are compensating, causing a pretty significant lateral shift.  It appears as scoliosis but really it’s an exaggerated form of posture that most people have. The real issue is the stress that the fascia is under because the joints are out of place.  That stress extends around the organs which causes the dysfunction of the entire system. Structural issues and internal chemistry issues are not separate things, they are very much inextricably linked.  This is why the functional medicine practitioners that you are seeing are going to hit the issues from one end, but if the physical end isn’t addressed than its pushing a boulder up a hill the whole time.  


Physically unwinding through tissue manipulation, exercise reinforcement and emotional/mental support along the way can make this transition easier.  Your body responded quickly to the mainly neurological based approach we took. The cranial tension really loosened up the gait. The elevated should as previously mentioned is from that lateral shift in the spine.  Those patterns needs to be released and then immediately reprogrammed with exercises to reinforce the new patterns. I attached videos that we selected that are best for your body.


When working with people who have been through the Garage, I caution promising all these things up front.  Instead the perspective is best served by addressing what the body needs now in order to make a noticeable difference fairly quickly and that difference should guide you to build upon more intuition for the next step.  My approach is to be as hands off as possible and give the body the energy to do what it is designed to do.  


Possible avenues for treatment would be a few hands on sessions that include training too.  All which are recorded so the lessons learned can be worked on and polished up at home. Testing like the BWA to give us certain biomarker function levels and comparing that to our newly released extensive symptom based questionnaire, will paint the picture of what areas need the most attention first.  If you’re already wrapped up with the functional medicine group and good in that department, then my next best course of action is gut cleanse protocol. It took me many years to find something that I believe in. We developed with Elemental Wizdom and Sun Horse Energy the Tummy Polish protocol. It’s a simple yet extremely powerful 12+ week gut rebuild program.  That along with a few selected herb adaptogens targeted for the hormones would be my best advice.  


Reach out to me directly at 914-602-3635 if you’d like to chat further.  There’s obviously a lot of questions you probably have and I am here to guide you in the right direction!  Just reach out 🙂



PHASE 1: Weeks 1 – 4 (30 Days)

1 Microbiometrics (Prebiotic) $40

2 Cleanzymes (Full Systemic Enzymes) $60 (x2 = $120)

1 Primezymes (Digestive Enzymes) $50

Mojo 8.5 Men’s Balancer (Adaptogenic Herbal Formula) $55

* Optional Fog Cutter (Adaptogenic Herbal Formula) $50 – Used as needed for brain fog, lower concentration and mental stress that comes from a fatigued nervous system. 


PHASE 2: Weeks 5 – 10 (45 Days)

Tummy Polish Protocol (Diatomaceous Earth, Fungi blend, Prebiotics, Black Ant and Minerals) $200

Ultimate Energy (Adaptogenic Herbal Formula) $60


PHASE 3: Weeks 11 – 15+

Probiotics $45

Ultimate Energy $60

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