Drew Daily Routine

Sun Salutation

Take time for yourself before inviting the outside world in.  That includes responsibilities on the phone or computer.  First as you wake up, breathe.  Consciously take 10 deep inhales and exhales.  Between each exhale and inhale hold for 3 to 4 seconds.  During those holds bring in the feeling of gratitude.  Be thankful for all things.  Be thankful for the fact you’re alive, you have a home, you’re able bodied, you’re financially successful, food in the fridge…all of it.  Be thankful for your parents, and all the people (good or bad) that helped guide you to where you are right now.  –  After those breaths, get up, use the restroom.  Begin a quick sun salutation stretch. Go down stairs and get a big glass of water.   Meditate for 1 minute.  Close eyes, be aware of your surroundings, notice the thoughts, then gently let them pass through.  Feel the ‘Now’.  

Begin your day as planned.

Night routine

Almost like a reverse of the day.  Put the phone away, try not to have the t.v. on in bed until you fall asleep.  Disconnect from technology going right into sleep.  Your ‘human computer’ needs time to unwind from the day.  If you repeat this beneficial habit nightly, you will notice better sleep, more recovery and a clearer mind the following day. 

Before getting into bed, stretch your tension away.  Tension from physical stress will have a mental component to it also.  Meaning you can carry stress accumulated from non physical things and that stress can hold into your body as stress.  [SEE VIDEO FOR DEMONSTRATION].   – As you go to sleep, again follow the 4 step breath pattern.  Calm the nervous system. 

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