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Ancient Healing Techniques

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How Integrative Alignment Works:

Integrative Alignment Therapy is our unique form of hands-on bodywork that unblocks stagnation and releases stress stored within the body’s fascia (the connective tissue wrapped around the body’s organs, muscles and bones). Using a combination of very specific, strategic and holistic modalities, we create deeper and longer lasting changes that transform your body into a better self-healing organism.

Find the Source of Dis-ease

Reduce Stress

Relieve Pain

Slow Aging Process

Prevent Sickness & Injury

Customized Treatment Plan

We consider each session the beginning of a partnership, so we’ll take the time to get to know you. As part of our treatment, we are looking for your unique stress patterns and what triggers the imbalances. By working in partnership with you, we tailor the treatment to allow full integration.

Private 2.5-hour Initial Consultations include our Integrative Alignment Therapy, hybrid movement guidance, and custom functional medicine & nutrition plan.

I wish I met Brian and Alex in the beginning of my career. They have completely helped change and shape my body, mind and health!
Kai ForbathNFL Kicker
Kai Forbath
Before visiting Brian and Alex, I was suffering from debilitating nerve pain. After 5 sessions, including their supplement plan, I stood taller, more evenly and stronger. Brian’s holistic approach to body and mind steadily improved my pain levels every day, even after the sessions were over, to the point where I have regained my energy and am almost completely pain free. I felt like my specific issues were addressed very thoroughly and thoughtfully. Brian also identified peripheral body and mind issues contributing to my pain and incorporated those into the treatment. I have seen countless medical professionals and Brian and Alex are the only professionals who diagnosed and treated my entire body and overall health. I feel confident that my weakness, pain, and compromised parts of my body and immune system were systematically identified and treated. For the first time since my initial diagnosis, I was shown a path that led to me being ok. I’m very happy to be able to live my normal life again
Fletcher RiehlData Engineer, Facebook
I am sharing this recommendation from the bottom of my heart and in deep gratitude. I have a history of lower back issues which culminated in two Laser Surgeries on my lower back, my L4 and L5 vertebrae. I have always had to be uber careful not to overdue it and as a very active and vital person, this has been a true compromise to my lifestyle. Since working with Brian and Alex, I am reborn, a new person. Over these last few weeks I have spent extensive time on my landscape pruning bushes, climbing ladders and crouching in the garden. Normally this would have left me unable to move the following day. Instead, I have had zero pain and zero stiffness which is a miracle. So, do not hesitate to reach out to them. The additional gift is that you will learn about your own body thru the exercise plan that they tailor to your needs. Their work is not short of miracle producing.
Barbara KramerFounder, The Plant Lore Agency
My experience with Brian and Alex has been life changing in that they have addressed the root causes of my alignment issues that were causing back and hip pain. All other providers tried to address the symptoms, and the relief was only temporary. Their comprehensive knowledge of the body enables them to provide more permanent solutions rather than short-term fixes. They have also given me a number of stretches to help me maintain proper balance in my body. I’m grateful for the sincere interest and care that Brian and Alex have provided, and for their friendship as well.
Drew LawtonEntrepreneur & Professor

Getting to the Root Cause

Our role in your journey is to support your body’s own self-healing abilities.

At Shen Generation, we prioritize full transparency and personalized care. Not to chase the symptoms, but to proactively identify and treat the systems that are out of balance. We believe that our most valuable resource is that we are not dedicated to only 1 school of thought, but instead we collect and combine the best of what each modality has to offer.

Craniopathy & Spinal reflex

Light touch manipulations of the 8 cranial bones to realign and clear stress from neural pathways throughout the entire body.

whole body alignment

Full body system realignment to remove stressors harbored in and around the body’s fascia – reducing pain, inflammation and energetic stagnation. Integrate past and present traumas with soft tissue work with full somatic alignment.

Functional Medicine

Combining the latest medical research with proven ancient healing techniques to create a custom herbal supplement plan with dietary guidance, detox regimens, and lifestyle modifications.

Hybrid movement

Solidify your new range of motion with movement patterns that will keep you from falling back out of alignment. Integrate into your daily routine and prevent future injuries.

If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.

Nikola Tesla

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Initial Consultation Session

2.5 Hours | $550

30-minute follow up consult call

Discounted Functional Medicine Testing

Discounted Follow-Up Sessions

Personalized Profile Page & Custom Health Program

– Balancing supplement plan

– Custom food and lifestyle plan

– Stress management techniques (relevant to your lifestyle)

– Detox regimens

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Private in-home Initial Consultation

2.5 Hours | $1,300

30-minute Follow-Up Consult Call

Custom Nootropic Supplements

Personalized Adaptogenic Herb Formulation

In-home Hair Minerals & Toxicity Analysis Test

Discounted Functional Medicine Testing

Discounted Follow-Up Sessions (2 Hrs)

Personalized Profile Page & Custom Health Program:

Integrative Alignment Director

Brian Donahoe, LMT, IHP

From the very beginning, Brian saw a flawed and confusing healthcare system. While the industry is getting better at prescribing for symptoms, Brian focuses on going after the root cause. It is with this approach that led him to search for answers on how to care for the human body through a synergistic blend of multiple modalities.

Brian began his journey in health academia in 2008 with a degree in biology and became licensed in massage therapy, personal training, Active Release Technique, STOTT pilates and Strong First strength coaching. He quickly learned the importance of finding balance between the western scientific research, traditional eastern techniques, and the modern world we live in. In 2017, Brian led the treatment at Human Garage in Los Angeles where he researched and experimented by integrating the applications of chiropractic, craniopathy, acupuncture, reiki, and energy work.

Brian co-founded Shen Generation in 2019 and continues to further his treatment alongside his partner, Alex. As a practitioner, he has become known for his life-changing treatment approach to proactive self-care. His clientele includes some of the world’s top athletes, celebrities, and high-profile professionals.


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Swedish Institute, Manhattan


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