Tummy Polish Kit

Blend of East Meets West

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Science Backed Medicinal Herbs
Small Batch Quality

Complete Microbiome Reset

Discover the underlying causes and see how constant stress in a modern day world affects the body.

The Goal: A Happy, Healthy Gut Microbiome

It's EASY: A simple morning and night routine

A protocol designed around you. Set your body up for an energy filled day and end with deep sleep recovery. This is NOT an invasive “flush your system” cleanse, but rather, a gently entry point and evolving over time to bolster lasting changes. 

Remove bacterial overgrowth

✓ Cleanse intestinal walls and digestive tract

✓ Get rid of yeast overgrowth

✓ Parasitic fungi, and parasitic yeast

✓ Detox sugar craving bacteria

Build a healthy microbiome

✓ Increase mineral absorption & metabolism

✓ Reduce inflammation, brain fog, IBS, and more

✓ Support immune system to resist future disease

✓ Prevent harmful pathogenic bacteria in your gut

✓ Regulate the development of intestinal lining

✓ Produce more hormones

"Before visiting Brian and Alex, I was suffering from debilitating nerve pain. After 5 sessions, including the tummy polish, I stood taller, more evenly and stronger. Brian's holistic approach to body and mind steadily improved my pain levels every day, even after the sessions were over, to the point where I have regained my energy and am almost completely pain free. I felt like my specific issues were addressed very thoroughly and thoughtfully. Brian also identified peripheral body and mind issues contributing to my pain and incorporated those into the treatment. I have seen countless medical professionals and Brian and Alex are the only professionals who diagnosed and treated my entire body and overall health. I feel confident that my weakness, pain, and compromised parts of my body and immune system were systematically identified and treated. For the first time since my initial diagnosis, I was shown a path that led to me being ok. I'm very happy to be able to live my normal life again."

The Gut-Brain Axis

The Gut-Brain Axis (GBA) consists of the 2-way directional communication lines between the central and enteric nervous system. These two nervous systems link through a neural cable called the ‘vagus nerve’. The vagus nerve is responsible for connecting the emotional and cognitive centers of our brain with peripheral intestinal functions. 

Why We Need to Fix Our Gut

Your gut is far more complex than what most people think. There are digestive glands in your mouth, esophagus, gallbladder, stomach, small intestine, and colon, leaving us exposed to endless amounts of toxins. 

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