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Our goal is to support your body’s own self-healing abilities by releasing blockages and stagnation using a modern integrative approach to traditional Eastern Medicine.


[SHen] – noun

In Chinese referring to the human spirit; the fundamental power within all humans that account for life’s purpose, in order to further life to its fullest potential.

“analyze gait, posture and general biomechanics of the body in order to realign the entire skeleton through fasciatherapy and craniotherapy”

“a huggy stranger named Brian Donahoe”…”We recognize all truths in all modalities”

“dedicated their lives to helping heal people through these connections. Everything from posture and gait, to vibration, energy, cranial-sacral work, and internal chemistry.”

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We’ve searched high and low for experts in all fields who share the same goal of helping others. We all understand that only real change occurs when we work together as a network of resources for the body. 

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