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Holistic care designed to bring you meaningful results

How Integrative Alignment Works

Integrative Alignment Therapy is our unique form of hands-on bodywork that unblocks stagnation and releases stress stored within the body’s fascia (the connective tissue wrapped around the body’s organs, muscles and bones). Using a combination of very specific, strategic and holistic modalities, we create deeper and longer lasting changes that transform your body into a better self-healing organism.

Find the Source of Dis-Ease

Reduce Stress

Relieve Pain

Slow Aging Process

Prevent Sickness & Injury

Customized Treatment Plan

We consider each session the beginning of a partnership, so we’ll take the time to get to know you. As part of our treatment, we are looking for your unique stress patterns and what triggers the imbalances. By working in partnership with you, we tailor the treatment to allow full integration.

Private 2-hour initial consultations include our Integrative Alignment Therapy, hybrid movement guidance, and custom functional medicine & nutrition plan.

Getting to the Root Cause

Our role in your journey is to support your body's own self-healing abilities.

At Shen Generation, we prioritize full transparency and personalized care. Not to chase the symptoms, but to proactively identify and treat the systems that are out of balance. We believe that our most valuable resource is that we are not dedicated to only 1 school of thought, but instead we collect and combine the best of what each modality has to offer. 

Cranial & Neurological Reflex

Light touch manipulations of the 22 cranial bones in the skull and face to realign and clear stress from neural pathways throughout the entire body.

Whole Body Alignment

Full body system realignment to remove stressors harbored in and around the body’s fascia – reducing pain, inflammation and energetic stagnation. Integrate past and present traumas with soft tissue work with full somatic alignment.

Functional Medicine

Combining the latest medical research with proven ancient healing techniques to create a custom herbal supplement plan with dietary guidance, detox regimens, and lifestyle modifications.


Solidify your new range of motion with functional movement patterns that will keep you from falling out of alignment. Integrate into your daily routine and prevent future injuries.

Functional Medicine Testing

To understand the body at its core, we need to know what is or is not functioning inside.  From parasites to heavy metals, we have a foundational understanding of how to correct imbalances and clear out unwanted microbes through lifestyle, nutrition, and temporary supplementation.
Cortisol & Hormone Levels

Cortisol Saliva Sex Hormone Panel - This tells us how you respond to stress, what level of adrenal exhaustion you're in, and all where your sex hormone levels lie. We need these in balance, particularly cortisol (stress hormone), DHEA (precursor to sex hormones), estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, and thyroid markers. What we look at are the imbalances in the RATIOS between levels, rather than an individual marker. This means you could have all markers in the "normal" range, but when one marker is trending towards being imbalanced, it means another marker could be the cause. 

Minerals & Heavy Metals

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis - Lets us know significant mineral levels and their respective ratios. The ratios tell the story of how the body is attempting to balance itself. This is indicative of how well your body can perform all of its functions. There is also a toxicity panel that shows us if there are any toxic heavy metals present in the body. Toxic metals wreak havoc on cellular function in the body, they rob your cells of energy and promote dysfunction at all levels.

Gut Microbiome

Organic Acids Test (Urine sample) - 74 different biomarkers that tell us if you have any digestive issues stemming from yeast, bacterial overgrowth, and fungi. Also shows us your full spectrum vitamin levels, how well your liver/detox systems are performing, cellular energy functions, and what levels are your neurotransmitters firing at. The by-products discovered here in your urine.

Who We Are

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We promise to be fully committed to each and every one of our clients and their needs. Drop us a message below and we will reach out as soon as possible!

Client Stories

Alyssa Lynch | @alyssalynch

“I’ve gone to so many different doctors and health professionals and almost every time the appointment or consultation is 5-10 minutes… and a lot of the time they prescribe me something, tell me to go on the pill, gain more weight, or to check me for PCOS. How friken refreshing to go to someone who spends 2+ hours working to find the ROOT of the problem and focus on every aspect of my life. Trying to connect the dots and find new things I can implement in my life to help. Highly recommend Shen Generation to anyone. Not an ad lol I’m genuinely just showing love because I’m very grateful.”

Crosby Tailor | @crosbytailor

“Had the most profound experience with Shen Generation. We hold so much tension in our tissues from modern day stress and past trauma. Shen Generation takes a holistic approach to bring balance and harmony back to the body with the most incredible releases I’ve ever experienced! If you live in the Los Angeles area and have been experiencing chronic pain, inflammation, tension, or just feel like you hold onto the weight of the world in your body. You need to experience this incredible full body adjustment by Brian and Alex!”

Dina Cantin | @dinacantin

“Brian and Alex have been a critical element in the process of my healing journey. I experienced complete care for my overall well-being and a better understanding of the steps needed to be taken to get to the root of some of my physical and emotional struggles. I would absolutely recommend Brian and Alex for anyone looking to elevate their human experience, get to the root of physical ailments and to have a better understanding of the mind body spirit connection.”

Melissa Graham

“I have been to many different practitioners over the past 25 plus years in effort to keep my physical body in peak form. Preventative, rehab from injury, rehab from lower back surgery and a persistent sciatica pain. Having been an athlete from the time I was very young I put much importance on how my body moves and what I put in it.

I am a mother of 4 grown children and 56 years old. Having moved through a very challenging time in my personal life and changes in my hormones it was becoming challenging to keep my balance. I was on replacement therapy, doing all kinds of supplements and constantly changing my routine. Chasing my tail. I had just moved to LA area and still adjusting.

I was then introduced to Shen Generation and quite honestly thought I was going in to work on some adjustments to help keep up with my active life. What I found were two practitioners who were different. Brian’s knowledge of the body and its movement felt similar, his stretches and adjustments were familiar. What was different was the conversations about how I was feeling, not just physical. How was I breathing. The way he would stop over an area of my body and receive a message of what needed to be tended to. I realized he saw me as a whole being and was understanding the mechanics and the energy of my body. In many sessions I was able to release trauma throughout my body. Places that were tight and held pain would release. I wasn’t sure about the cranial adjustments at first, but after a couple of sessions the release I felt was clear.

All of this while we chatted away about supplements, clean water, their growing garden and many other fun topics. Brian has also suggested different tests and throughly goes over results and helps with protocol support. I have not yet spoken about Alex who sits at the end of the table using her knowledge and beautiful grounding to massage and hit pressure points while Brian is doing his work. Her presence and her hands some how take away the discomfort that can arise in my tight jaw or hip flexors. Their combined knowledge and skills create a perfect space.”