Personalized Treatment Designed to Balance

We provide customized Integrative Alignment therapy, nutritional protocols and foundational movement training. Our treatment is designed to help get you out of pain and into proactive self-care.

Initial Consultation

Your first one-on-one consultation that begins with hands on therapy to assess and develop your personalized protocol going forward.


Light touch manipulations of the 9 cranial bones to realign and clear stress from the entire body

Fascial Release

Hands-on work and movement techniques to release the fascia around muscles and organs

Whole Body Alignment

Combining the science of western medicine and traditions of eastern theory to unveil your true potentional


Full body system realignment session(s) to remove stressors harbored in the body’s fascia reducing pain, inflammation and energetic stagnation. Integrate past and present traumas with soft tissue work. Full somatic alignment.

Holistic Cellular Health

Combining the latest medical research with proven ancient healing techniques, to customize your plan. Our non-invasive biochemical testing gives us multiple perspectives of your current health quotient.


Utilizing only the best quality and carefully sourced formulations, we introduce nature’s potent elements to improve the performance of your bio-electric body. Then restore communication between all the cellular functions within the body. 

Hybrid Movement

Solidify your new range of motion with movement patterns that will keep you from falling back out of alignment. Integrate into your daily routine and prevent future injuries.


"Before visiting Brian and Alex, I was suffering rom debilitating nerve pain. After 5 sessions, including the Tummy Polish, I stook taller, more evenly and stronger. Brian's holistic approach to the body and mind steadily improved my pain levels every day, even after the sessions were over, to the point where I have regained my energy and am almost completely pain free. I felt like my specific issues were addressed very thoroughly and thoughtfully. Brian also identified..." read more


"I am sharing this recommendation from the bottom of my heart and in deep gratitude. Since working with Brian and Alex, I am reborn, a new person. Over these last few weeks I have spent extensive time on my landscape pruning brushes, climbing ladders and crouching in the garden. Normally this would have left me unable to move the following day. Instead, I have had ZERO pain and zero stiffness which is a miracle. So, do not hesitate to reach out to them. The additional thing is that you will learn about..." read more


"Brian Donahoe is on the leading edge of health, wellness, injury prevention/recovery, and optimal human performance. He has proved himself to be an expert level counselor and practitioner during our more that 2 year client/advisor relationship. I am happy to recommend his services and those of his new firm, Shen Generation, which is dedicated to improving people's health, wellness and performance."